SkinBrite Facial Cleanser

SkinBrite Facial Cleanser is a safe, effective and sulfate free cleanser for all skin types. this gentle foaming cleanser provides antioxidant protection and infuses the skin with brightening properties, leaving skin clean and glowing.
size: 6oz

SkinBrite Facial Cleanser

  • SkinBrite Cream is a hydrating and brightening cream that uses 16 brightening ingredients to help to fade pigmentation and suppress melanin production for even, glowing skin. this cream helps inhibit unwanted pigmentation by enlisting the benefits of advanced melanin suppressing ingredients like, bv-osc and chromabright. this hydroquinone-free formulation uses a powerful combination of antioxidants and skin brightening plant extracts, like licorice root, for safe and effective brightening

    complimentary products:

    • Pigment Control Kit
    • C Infusion serum

    best for: recommended for all skin types except for very dry skins, that need a more even skin tone.

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